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Crime Scene Game Series

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A crime has been committed!

Crime Scene sets the players up at the scene of a horrendous crime. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The players follow the story and act as the detectives to collect evidence, make connections and figure out who is behind it all. With no set time limit, the players can take their time and throw themselves into the investigation. You can play either solo or as a team.


Step onto the Crime Scene…

Arttu Tuominen’s chilling stories!

At the heart of all the Crime Scene games, there is a gripping and compelling story. These stories are from the pen of Arttu Tuominen, the accomplished Finnish crime writer. Read more.

A collaborative detective experience.

Crime Scene immerses you into the Scene with a mix of story, visuals and puzzles. Feel like you’re there, reach into the scene, and find evidence to investigate and solve.

Unique ‘story cypher’ solutions.

The story leads you through the game and introduces leads to the unsolved crime. Follow & decypher the correct lead to reveal the clues to the next puzzle. The organigram (string) links show you are on the right path.

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