Explanations and solutions to the full Crime Scene: ISS Excalibur 2049 game

Rozwiązania w języku polskim –  Solutions en français

Puzzle A B C D E F G H I Endgame

Puzzle A

You have read Part 1 of the story, and revealed the Evidence card marked “Start.” You have found the ‘Earth’ in cell 17. Now, take Evidence Card 17, and solve Puzzle A.

You see a black connector by one of the satellites, and number 1 by it, so you need to find an extra card. You’ll find a satellite in cell 10, so take Evidence Card 10. Place it on top of Evidence Card 17 by matching the crosses appearing on the planet Earth on each card. The arrow suggests that you rotate the card. Following the order of the three colour arrows, first rotate the top card until the red lines are lined up. Now, the new red arrow points to satellite 30. Next, align the yellow lines and see the yellow arrow pointing to satellite 4. Finally, rotate the top card so that the blue lines are aligned, and get number 9 from the blue arrow. The correct answer is 3049.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find the ‘spacecraft’ in cell 1 and take Evidence Card 1.

Puzzle B

Evidence Card 1 prompted you to find ‘41’ in cell 20, so take Evidence Card 20, and solve Puzzle B.

The symbol on the corner of this Evidence Card tells you that you need to add up the number of some cells. The items on the list can be found in the Crime Scene image. You can find both the screwdriver and the sword in cell 12, the postcard in cell 21 and the puzzle ball in cell 24. Add up 12 + 12 + 21 + 24 to get the solution: 69.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find the ‘speaker’ in cell 11 and take Evidence Card 11.

Puzzle C

Evidence Card 11 prompted you to find ‘one hundred percent’ in the Crime Scene image. A matching icon is in cell 31, so take Evidence Card 31, and solve Puzzle C.

There is a black connector on Evidence Card 31, and the number 3. So, you need three extra cards to solve the puzzle. Can you find three yellow lights in the Crime Scene image? They are in cells 2, 14 and 22, so take the matching cards.

Each of the four cards has a clue in the middle to help you solve the puzzle. Two of the cards tell you to form a 2 x 2 grid of the cards, and one tells you to match the orange bars at the edges of the cards. The original card (Evidence Card 31) is top right; the card with the orange clue is top left; the card with the black numbers is bottom left; and the card with the question marks is bottom right.

The matched sets of orange bars form four-digit binary codes of 1’s and 0’s. An outlined bar is 0, and one that is filled in is 1. The card on the bottom left has a clue with black numbers that shows you where to start, and the direction from which you should read the binary code. The outer edges of the cards give you the keys for converting the binary codes into decimal numbers. The codes are, in order, 1001, 1000, 0100 and 0011. The correct solution is 9843.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘flag’ in cell 12 and take Evidence Card 12.

Puzzle D

Evidence Card 12 prompted you to find a ‘circuit board’ in cell 28, so take Evidence Card 28, and solve Puzzle D.

The look of card 28 should remind you of the case folder that came with the game. Take out that folder.

Open the folder. Inside, you’ll find the same four symbols you can see on the Evidence Card. Check their order on the Evidence Card, and place the card in each of the four areas on the folder. Remember to always match the yellow connector on the card to the connector in the area on the folder! Start with the circle (A). Place the card inside the frame with a circle. Let the yellow connectors meet at one end. Now follow the line starting from the circle symbol on the card. When you follow that line, you will end up at number 3. Then move the card to the triangle (B) frame, and follow the line from the triangle. You will reach number 5. Next up is the square (C). Here, the line extends to the front of the folder. When you reach the end, you’ll be at the number 6. Finally, we have the hexagon (D). That line goes in two directions, and at the bend, there is a plus sign. Add up the two values (6 and 1) you reach at each end of the line, and you’ll have 7. The correct solution is 3567.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. It guides you to look for a ‘doctor’ in the Crime Scene image. You’ll find a first aid kit in cell 30, so take Evidence Card 30.

Puzzle E

Evidence Card 30 prompted you to look for a ‘hatch. You’ll find a prominent one in cell 26, so take Evidence Card 26, and solve Puzzle E.

Evidence Card 26 resembles the graphics inside the box lid. Grab it. Now look at the card: you can see a black connector and the number two by a hole in the wall. This means that you need two extra cards to solve the puzzle. The clue is in the damaged wall, by the connector. Find two similar holes in cells 6 and 15, in the Crime Scene image, and take the matching cards. Now you’re set to solve puzzle E.

Place the box lid upright on its longer side. The two black cables underneath the TARK meter match the black cables on the Evidence Card. Place the card flat against the inside wall of the box. The two metal cables should match, and the outlines of the card show on the wall. The arrow on the card points from left to right, so start from the left corner. There you’ll find an orange connector. You’ll find its counterpart on card 15. Now comes the twist! Hold the green card upright so that the orange connector on the card stands upright against the floor of the box, in one of the lower corners. Slide the card with its side touching the wall until the orange connectors meet. Keep the card parallel against the short side of the box. See where the yellow link of the card now touches the floor. Follow the blue cable and you’ll reach number 31. Next, rotate the card so that the pink connector hits the floor and slide the card to its pink counterpart on the wall. The yellow link now leads to 3. Then it’s time to use Evidence Card 6. Start with the first silver connector on Evidence Card 26 to reach number 22. The second silver connector on Evidence Card 26 and the link takes you to the number 40. Finally, do the same for the yellow connector whose counterpart is on the opposite wall of the box lid. The yellow link takes you to 19. The correct solution is 31-3-22-40-19.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘microphone’ as a part of a headset in cell 4, and take Evidence Card 4.

Puzzle F

Evidence Card 4 prompted you to look for a ‘suit’. You’ll find a helmet, which is a part of a suit, in cell 8, so take Evidence Card 8, and solve Puzzle F.

You can see a black connector and number one by a console on the right edge of the card, so you need to find one extra card to solve the puzzle. You’ll find the same console in cell 7 of the Crime Scene image, so take Evidence Card 7.

You can easily line the two cards up to form a maze. You are supposed to travel from one end of the maze to the other and mark down the numbers and symbols you encounter on the way. If you start at the top, your first symbol is an “equals” sign. Maybe that would fit better at the end, so start at the bottom instead. Only travel forward, so never visit any dead ends. You will write up the following addition: 4 + 2 + 5 + 6 + 13 =. When you perform the addition, you get the solution: 30.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘pen’ in cell 27 and take Evidence Card 27.

Puzzle G

Evidence Card 27 prompted you to look for an ‘extinguisher’. You’ll find a fire extinguisher in cell 19, so take Evidence Card 19, and solve Puzzle G.

Card 19 shows a map of the space station. It says three red dots should be added together. If you look at the locations of the red dots on the map, and find the same locations on the Crime Scene image, you find a number by each. Add up these numbers (not the numbers of the cells you found them in) to find the solution: 21 + 2 + 3 = 26

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘knife’ in cell 16 and take Evidence Card 16.

Puzzle H

The word ‘camera’ is underlined on card 16, and it shows a black connector with the number 3 by it. This means you should try to find three cameras. You’ll find them in cells 9, 13 and 29. Take the matching cards.

The three cards show the same part of the station, but you’ll notice some details are wrong on one of the cards. Count how many differences you can find. The differences are:

  • The yellow food packets (missing)
  • The red and green food packets (colour)
  • The circular small light nearby the door (colour)
  • The helmet (missing)
  • The knife (missing)
  • Floating yellow bag at the end (missing)
  • Red square on the floor (one too many)
  • Fourth light from the top (turned off)
  • Center yellow light in grid (turned off)

Solution: 9

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Next, find ‘Russian’ writing in cell 5 and take Evidence Card 5.

Puzzle I

Evidence Card 5 prompted you to look for a ‘Robot’. You cannot miss the robot in cell 25 of the Crime Scene image, so take Evidence Card 25, and solve Puzzle I.

You can see a black connector and number 2 by some navigational arrows. You will find similar arrows in cells 18 and 21 of the Crime Scene image.

Card 18 shows a ball and an X. Your mission is to transport the ball to the X by using the arrow commands. First, you have to build a functioning track for it to work. First make all red arrows of the cards point the same way. Place Evidence Card 25 (with the navigational arrows) lengthways in the upper left corner, and card 18 next to it in the upper right corner, with bases aligned. Finally, place card 21 below both of them, so that the ball can be caught when it travels first left, then downwards from card 18.

Now you can program the ball movements: first go LEFT (3), then DOWN (2), then LEFT again (3), then UP (1), and finally RIGHT (4) to reach the X. The correct solution is 32314.

Follow the cypher to the storybook. Find the ‘zero’ percent battery symbol in cell 3, and reveal the last card, Evidence Card 3.


You found the ‘zero’ symbol in cell 3, and took Evidence Card 3. The card instructs you to read Part 3 of the story. It’s time to make your final choice.

If you have all of your Reputation Cards, they spell out, “Trust your crew”.

The right course of action is option b) Follow Yevgeni and Hansen. Take Evidence Card 24 and see how the story ends.