Explanations and solutions to the full Crime Scene: Stockholm 2007 game

In this game, anything you are looking for can be found either from the Map or from the Control Room  image.

Puzzle A B C D E F G H I Endgame

Puzzle A

You have read Part 1 of the story, and revealed the Evidence Card marked “Start”. You have found ‘Högbergsgatan’ in cell 21 of the map. Now, take Evidence Card 21 and solve Puzzle A.

You see a black-and-white string coming from the pile of gold, so you need to find an extra card. You’ll find a jewelry store in cell 1 of the control room, so take Evidence Card 1. Place it on top of Evidence Card 21 by matching the circular parts of the safe, and aligning the red triangle with the red circle. Now, rotate the top card according to the instructions on the right of card 1. First, rotate the top card three notches counterclockwise, and then read the number located by the RED line on the bottom of the page. RED, because the first instruction is equally red. Mark up the number 8 you landed on. Without first altering the present position of the cards in any way, perform the following: rotate 6 notches clockwise. Read the number by the yellow line now; a 4. Go on, and rotate the top card 4 notches counterclockwise and read the number by the blue line: a 6 this time. Next, rotate the top card 5 notches clockwise and read the number by the green line: a 4 again. Now comes a small twist: RESET the card with the red circle on top before rotating the top card a final time, 2 notches counterclockwise. You’ll then read a 6 by the white line.

String those numbers together and you’ll have the solution: 84646!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find ‘money’ in the form of a coin in cell 27 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Card 27.

Puzzle B

Evidence Card 27 prompted you to find ‘Södertälje’ in cell 15 of the Control Room image, so take Evidence Card 15 and solve Puzzle B.

There’s a black-and-white string with the number 2 coming from a ‘give way’ sign. Start by locating two extra cards by finding two ‘give way’ signs in cells 7 and 17 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Cards 7 and 17. You’ll see the same bridge on all three cards, but you’ll notice the shadows are of different lengths. Further you’ll find a hidden number in the waves of each card. String those numbers together in the order shown by the shadows. It is afternoon in the story, so take the card with the shortest shadows first, then the one with the slightly longer shadows, and finally the one with the longest shadows. The numbers you’ll find are: 583.

The numbers strung together in the order of the card with the shortest shadows to the card with the longest shadows form the solution: 583.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘key’ in cell 30 of the Control Room image, and take Evidence Card 30.

Puzzle C

Evidence Card 30 prompted you to find ‘Marieberg’ in one of the images. You’ll find it mentioned in cell 14 of the map, so take Evidence Card 14 and solve Puzzle C.

There is a black-and-white string coming from the picture of a cyclist, so find an extra card from the cyclist in cell 3 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Card 3. On both cards, you’ll see 2 stores. Your task seems to be to figure out the address numbers for two of the stores. One with a slimmer number cube, one with a fuller one. To figure out the missing numbers, you’ll need to find the reason for the existing numbers. You can see the number for the shop MIXER is 5 and the letters in its name have been underlined. Could the number of letters be the link? The number of KUBERT is 6! It matches, six letters and the number 6! So, the number for HOJ with the slimmer cube is 3, and the number for BARAPAPP is 8!

Solution: string the two numbers together to form 38!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘clock’ in cell 22 of the Control Room image, and take Evidence Card 22.

Puzzle D

Evidence Card 22 prompted you to look for ‘north’, and you’ll find it in cell 25 of the map, so take Evidence Card 25 and solve Puzzle D.

A black-and-white string with the number 2 comes from a road block on card 22. Find the two extra cards from the road blocks in cells 11 and 16 of the Control Room image, and take out the corresponding Evidence Cards.

You can line up the cards to form a small network of roads. Use the roads and the roofs of the buildings to find the correct matches. Now your job is to drive the car on card 16 across five cards, always recording the numbers of the cards you use. That way you’ll end up with a number with 5 digits. The only way to get to five cards, by always driving forward, is to visit the cards in the following order: 6 (where you start), then following the one-way road slightly to the right, we enter card number 2. Let’s not turn left towards the road block, but let’s turn left in the next crossing after that. Driving ahead on that street, we come to card number 7, and in order to keep going, we’ll have to turn left right away. The roadblock forces us to continue downwards towards card number 6 again, so let’s go there. And this time we turn left onto the main road that runs all the way to card 2 and off it.

Solution: String the numbers of the visited cards together, and you’ll get 62762!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. It guides you to look for a ‘beach’. You’ll find a traffic sign with a beach symbol in cell 4 of the Control Room image, so take Evidence Card 4.

Puzzle E

Evidence Card 4 prompted you to look for ‘Solna’. You’ll find Solna on the map in cell 2, so take Evidence Card 2 and solve Puzzle E.

Evidence Card 2 shows four details from the map, and also gives the symbol for an ‘Observation Puzzle’. You are now supposed to find four cells from the Map and add together their cell numbers. Some of the details have been rotated on the card, which makes it a bit more difficult to spot them.

The top left image (with the water near the road with the little roundabout and the three green areas) can be found in the bottom left corner of the map, in cell 25. The top right one (with a freeway forking into three separate ways with green between them) has been rotated 180 degrees, and can be found near the lower edge of the map in cell 27. The lower left image (with a strong white road melding with a single file freeway, and a funny bowl-shaped bay with a small road pointing toward it) can perhaps be found most easily by looking at the shores and finding the bowl-shaped bay. It can be found in cell 3. The lower right corner image (with a weird bell shape on the freeway near water and a green area nearby) has again been rotated. By following the freeways, you can find the bell shape and the green area in cell 13.

Solution: Add those four numbers together (25 + 27 + 3 + 13) and you get 68!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘smile’ on a toothpaste billboard in cell 18 of the Control Room image, and take Evidence Card 18.

Puzzle F

Evidence Card 18 prompted you to look for the street ‘Birger Jarlsgatan’. You’ll find its name (abbreviated a bit) on the map, in cell 9, so take Evidence Card 9 and solve Puzzle F.

Looking at the map, you will quite soon find radio tower symbols like the one on card 9. When you look closely, you’ll see that not all of the towers look the same. Only 4 of them match the card’s tower exactly. The card seems to say you should look for a tower in the middle, but all towers are closer to the edges. Could your task be to find where the two diagonals between the towers cross? Let’s try that! You can use the Control Room image as a (only slightly too short) ruler, and connect the tower in the upper left corner with the one in the lower right corner, and you’ll see the imagined line runs through the drawn number 78 on the map. Then do the same for the upper right tower and the lower left one. Again, your imagined line runs through the same number.

Solution: The number 78 is in the exact crossing point of the two diagonals. That is the correct answer.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, look for a (forbidden) ‘U-turn’ in cell 13 of the Control Room image, and take Evidence Card 13.

Puzzle G

Evidence Card 13 prompted you to look for some ‘switched on emergency lights’. You’ll find a fire engine with flashing lights in cell 10 of the Control Room image, so take Evidence Card 10 and solve Puzzle G.

Card 10 shows a black-and-white string coming from an EU symbol, so look for one of those. You’ll find one on the back of a car nearest to the camera in cell 19 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Card 19, too. Now, you have all you need to solve the puzzle, which is a tough one!

The rules of the game have warned us about puzzle G having both letters and numbers in its answer. Card 10 has a background pattern made up of letters, while card 19 has a pattern made up of numbers. We can assume one of the cards will yield us some letters, and the other one some numbers. Looking at the cards, we may realize we are looking at some kinds of license plates. Also, we may realize that the small markings on them is what we should be investigating. Let’s number the plates from left to right and row by row (Line 1 – 1-3, Line 2 – 4-6, Line 3 – 7-9, Line 4 – 10-12). Then we start with the letters.

Each marking is part of a letter that has been split up into several smaller pieces. Plate 4 (1st plate on line 2) shows us part of a letter that looks most like an M. Plates 1, 5, and 7 also show good parts of a letter M. That is our first letter! Plate number 3 shows us the top right corner of the letter M, but ALSO what could be the 90-degree angle between a vertical bit and a horizontal bit going to the right. Something like the lower corner of an E, L, or a B. Plates 2 and 6 show us vertical bits, with nothing sticking out to the right. We are leaning towards an L… and YES! Plates 1 and 7 show us the horizontal part of the L. Most of it in plate 1, and the end in plate 7. Plate 7 also shows us the lower left corner of the third and final letter: another 90-degree angle between a vertical bit and a horizontal bit going towards the right. So again E, L or possibly a B. Plates 1, 2, 3, and 5 show us weird curved bits for this final letter to the right of the plate… The only one of our possible letters including curved parts is the letter B. It has to be our third letter. So: MLB!

Then we do the same for the numbers. Plate number 1 already gives away the first number. The only number with a triangle near the middle is the number 4. We also see the slanting parts of it in plates 10, 11, and 12. The foot it stands on can be found in plates 3 and 8. So, we have the number 4. Second up, we find loads of curved parts again: as a matter of fact, EACH plate shows some kind of curve for the middle number. The only number that has that many rounded parts is of course the number 8. For the third number, we can start with plate 3. It shows our last number has a rounded upper right corner. So 0, 2, 8, or 9. But plate 8 shows us a 45-degree angle between a slanting part coming from the top and a horizontal part going towards the right. Only the number 2 fits that description. So here we have 482!

Solution: When we put all we have together, we get MLB 482. That is the solution.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find an ‘ant’ in cell 29 of the Control Room image, and take Evidence Card 29.

Puzzle H

The word ‘pipe’ is underlined on card 29, so let’s look for some pipes. We’ll find a whole lot of them on the back of a truck in cell 5 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Card 5 and solve puzzle H.

You’ll notice that both the top and the bottom of the card is in full color, while the middle of the card is not. Let’s focus on the top and the bottom, since the colors seem to direct us to the map. The card also shows two arrows that seem to point at nothing. However, if we place the card on top of, for example, the map, the arrows may point at something. Let’s try that.

The upper part of the card seems to show a triangular cluster of roads with green in the center, and it’s not very hard for us to find a spot like that on the map. It can be found in cell 9 of the map. When we align the upper edge of the card to perfectly match the surroundings on the map, the arrow near the top of the card points to the left, and pretty exactly to the number 61.

The lower part of the card shows us two parts of narrow waterways, located at angles towards each other. On either side of them, we also see orange roads: single file on the left side, but possibly double on the right. We can find a constellation like that in the cells 27 and 28 on the map. This time, when we align the card, neither arrow seems to point at any number. However, the lower arrow is clearly longer than the upper one. Perhaps we need to follow its direction longer. Once we do that, we’ll actually reach the cell 24 and the number 34.

Solution: When we string those two double digit numbers together starting with the bigger number found closer by, we get 6134.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find the ‘Hagaparken’ park in cell 8 of the map and take Evidence Card 8.

Puzzle I

Evidence Card 8 prompted you to look for ‘Slottskajen’. You’ll find it in cell 6 of the map. Take Evidence Card 6 and solve Puzzle I.

You can see a black-and-white string and the number 2 by the police car shown on the card. You’ll find a police car in each of the cells 12 and 23 of the Control Room image. Take Evidence Cards 12 and 23, and you are all set to solve puzzle I.

Card number 6 says we need 3 numbers, and their order should be taken from their locations, starting with the one furthest to the west, and then going eastwards. This keeps us firmly on the map, and why not start inside the Gamla Stan map in the upper right corner of the big map.

Three cards may give a number each, so let’s see if that could work out somehow. Card number 6 shows a police car outside a building with the letter “T” inside a white circle (symbol of an underground station in Stockholm). We can actually spot a similar symbol on the map in the lower right corner of cell 11. And by that symbol, we can see the number 4. Now we possibly have one of the numbers!

If we take card number 12 next, we can see some street names from the car window: ‘Skeppsbron’ and something starting with ‘Tele….’. Looking at the map, we can find Skeppsbron running on the East side of the island, and looking at the small alleys running inwards from it, we can find Telegrafgränd among them. The car needs to be somewhere near where the number 9 is on the map, since both street signs are visible from it. So number 9!

The last card shows a car by something that could be a church, due to the crosses on its fence. There are 3 named churches on the map, but only one of them is numbered, and that is St. Gertrude’s Church. And the number by it is the number 2.

Solution: Placing the numbers in order from the West to the East, we get 429.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Find the ‘information’ symbol in cell 28 of the map and reveal the last card, Evidence Card 28.


You found the ‘information’ symbol in cell 28 of the map, and took Evidence Card 28. The card instructs you to read Part 3 of the story. It’s time to make your final choice.

If you have all of your Reputation Cards, they spell out “GET CLOSER TO THEM”.

The right course of action is option a) Go after the robbers despite the shots fired. Take Evidence Card 20 and discover how the story ends.