This game comes with two Investigation Images: one on the game board showing Director Kitano’s office (referred to as ‘Office Image’ from now on), and another showing the restaurant façade inside the box lid (referred to as ‘Restaurant Image’ from now on). Anything you are looking for can be found from either image.

Puzzle A B C D E F G H I Endgame

Puzzle A

You have read Part 1 of the story, and revealed the Evidence Card marked “Start”. You have found a ‘business card’ in cell 7 of the Office Image. Now, take Evidence Card 7 and solve Puzzle A.

You see the ‘cell + cell’ symbol that tells you you need to look for something found in several cells, and add together the cell numbers of the cells you find. You also see a closeup of the business card, and on it, you can see 5 logos. Let’s see if you can find 5 cells with a logo in them!

You find an easy one in the corner of the window in cell 6. On the same row of cells, you find another red one on the calendar on the shelf. It is in cell 9. Then we have a couple that are not red. One is on the back of the chair in cell 12, and the other one is in the top right corner of the frame around the shelf. You’ll find it in cell 4. Then what about the last one? Well, you know there is a big logo on the business card too, and it is still lying on the table… it is still in cell 7, let’s take that as our last cell.

Now we add together the numbers 6, 9, 12, 4, and 7. That makes 38, which is the solution to this puzzle.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find ‘mobile’ as in a ‘mobile phone’ on the second chair in cell 11 of the Office Image. Take Evidence Card 11.

Puzzle B

Evidence Card 11 prompted you to find the ‘moon’ in cell 1 of the Office Image, so take Evidence Card 1 and start solving Puzzle B.

There is a black-and-white string coming from a single star in the sky, so find an extra card from the star on the board stand outside the restaurant in cell 28. Take Evidence Card 28. Card 1 shows 5 skyscrapers with some of their windows lit. Card 28 seems to say that we need 5 numbers (could be 1 per skyscraper), and that the height of the skyscrapers could have something to do with it.

Card 1 further has a group of windows circled and a question mark written next to it. It seems to tell us to count such groups of windows. And each skyscraper of course has a set number of window groups like this, and that way we end up with five separate numbers. We seem to be looking for groups of windows, where no windows are totally separated from each other by dark, unlit windows. Let’s start with the one to the right and go left from there.

The one furthest to the right seems to have 6 groups of windows like that. Each one is separated from the others by unlit windows. And no matter how well we check those long columns of windows in the next skyscraper to the left, there are no unlit rows of windows in any of them. That leaves us with 3 groups for that skyscraper. The middle one is easier than it first looks. It has 4 groups, and each one is separated from the others by a broad straight break. The next one to the left has a lot more, though. We can count to 8 groups there. And the last one, furthest to the left, has 7 groups. Now, what about the order of these numbers? Card 28 shows a symbol of a tall skyscraper with an arrow pointing downwards. What if we start with the number for the highest one, and then add more numbers going to the next highest, and so on! The highest one is the one second from the right, and it has 3 groups. Then we have the second from the left, which has 8 groups, then the one furthest to the right with 6 groups, then the middle one with 4 groups, and finally the one furthest to the left with 7 groups.

When we string these numbers together, we get the solution: 38647.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘sun’ in cell 2 of the Office Image, and take Evidence Card 2.

Puzzle C

Evidence Card 2 prompted you to find a ‘sword’ in one of the images. You’ll find two of them in cell 8 of the Office Image, so take Evidence Card 8 and start solving Puzzle C.

There is a black-and-white string with the number 2 coming from the chain near the top of the card, so find two extra cards from the chains in cells 14 and 30. Take Evidence Cards 14 and 30. On all cards, you’ll see parts of the same full body tattoo. Each card also shows a fan with some instructions.

You realize you can place the cards partly on top of each other, so that all the fans are on top of one another, and the tattoo seamlessly continues from card to card. Now, the top card tells you in which order the two bottom cards should be. It does this by showing two circles of a specific color inside the fan. Let’s start with the fan with two orange circles on top (card 30). Place the other two cards underneath it, so that the fans line up, and two complete orange circles are formed near the fan. The top card also tells us to add together the squares and the… could that be a claw…? Yes! The squares and the claws. With the cards in this specific order, we can count exactly 4 squares on the samurai armor, and three claws that the dragon is holding the glass sphere with. The other shapes behind the sphere are clouds of some kind. The fan of our top card also shows a single line, indicating this number of ours is the first one. 3 plus 4 is 7.

Next, we place card number 8 on top, and make sure the two bottom cards form two complete purple circles. This time we add together squares and flowers. This time we see a different version of the samurai, and now only 3 squares are visible. On a different card, 2 yellow flowers can be seen. We add these numbers together and get the number 5. Note that the fan shows two lines, so this will be our second number.

Third, we place card number 14 on top, and form two yellow circles with the cards underneath. This time we should add together claws and flowers. With the cards in this order, we see four claws around a skull and 5 flowers. That gives us the number 9 as our third number.

Solution: 759.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, look for a ‘month’ from the Investigation Images. You will find a calendar with 12 ‘months’ in cell 9, so take Evidence Card 9.

Puzzle D

Evidence Card 9 prompted you to look for ‘flowers’, and you’ll find a lotus flower decorating the helmet of the samurai armor in cell 5 of the Office Image. So, take Evidence Card 5 and solve Puzzle D.

A black-and-white string comes from the koi fish on card 5. You will find a fish like that on the picture on the wall of the restaurant, in cell 23. Take Evidence Card 23.

You will see card number 5 shows 9 different flowers, but card number 23 only shows the close-up of 8 flowers. How should we find our answer here? Maybe we should find out which flower is NOT included in the second card! We can right away see that all 4 flowers with open, yellow centers are present, so it has to be one of the other 5. In numbers 1 and 2, we can see separate “strands” in the center, they can both be found on card number 23. Numbers 5 and 6 show very round center balls, as do the two remaining ones on card number 23. That leaves us with flower number 8. A wider, flatter center ball, that cannot be found on card number 23. That is our solution!

Solution: 8.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. It guides you to look for a ‘wallet’. You’ll find a wallet left on the table near the window in the Restaurant Image, in cell 26. Take Evidence Card 26.

Puzzle E

Evidence Card 26 prompted you to look for a ‘briefcase’. You’ll find one in the Office Image in cell 13, so take Evidence Card 13 and solve Puzzle E.

Evidence Card 13 shows a black-and-white string coming from a keyhole. You’ll find a keyhole in the lock on the door of the restaurant. It is in cell 25, so take Evidence Card 25.

The question marks on card 25 tell you to keep the card horizontally. You need three numbers, and you have three rows of something that could be arrows… The color of the first one matches the color of the middle number, the 4. So, that first arrow of each row gives you two pieces of information. Where to start, and in which direction to take your first step. Each time you take a step, move your finger one number in the shown direction on the number pad on the briefcase. So for the first line, starting on number 4, go right, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left. That will land you on the number 6.

The second row lands you on the number 4 again, and the third row on the number 2.

String all of those numbers together and you’ll get 642, which is the solution!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find ‘shoes’ under a chair in the Restaurant Image in cell 29, and take Evidence Card 29.

Puzzle F

Evidence Card 29 prompted you to look for ‘yen’, the Japanese currency. Inside the cover of the story book, you will see a small scribbled note that shows you what the symbol of the yen looks like. You will find that symbol on the poster in cell 24 of the Restaurant Image, so take Evidence Card 24 and solve Puzzle F.

On Evidence Card 24, you see 5 stock certificates that look identical. The question marks still ask for 3 numbers, so what could they be? The pink numbers are formed out of 6 digits, and they are all the same, so we can forget about those ones. What else is there? Well, there’s the big 100 behind the Japanese characters. If you look very closely at the fourth one from the top, you will see it does not say 100 like the others. The first number seems still to be a 1 but the last one is a 6. What about the middle one? It could be a 3 or an 8… But the curved line at the bottom left of it rises so very high that it has to be an 8.

Solution: 186.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, look for a ‘belt’ in cell 10 of the Office Image, and take Evidence Card 10.

Puzzle G

Evidence Card 10 prompted you to look for a ‘bowl’. You’ll find a neon bowl in the upper right corner of the Restaurant Image inside the lid in cell 20. Take Evidence Card 20 and solve puzzle G, which is pretty cool!

There is a black-and-white string with the number 2 coming from the fan the neon guy has in his hand. You’ll find one fan in cell 15 of the Office Image, and the other one in cell 27 of the Restaurant Image. Take Evidence Cards 15 and 27, and you are all set to solve puzzle G.

The original card shows you 3 question marks in three different colors: blue, pink, and yellow (or is it orange…?). Maybe each color will give us one number? Let’s start with the blue, and that color is only present on card 20. Maybe you realize there are two shades of blue in that fan. Additionally, the question mark’s color actually matches the darker hue. What about that shape? Follow it with your finger. Do you realize that you actually drew a number, but it’s one lying on its side. You drew a 5!

Maybe do the yellow one next, since yellow also only shows on one of the cards, card 27 to be exact. Are there two shades of yellow too? Yes, there are! The small upper left segment is of a darker hue. What number could it be? Oh! A 1, lying on its side again!

Finally, we’ll take the last card, card number 15, and check for a pink number in the bowl. Again, first look for a darker hue. Found it? Yes, those two segments in the middle of the bowl. And again lying on its side, we find a 4 there!

Solution: String those numbers together in the order of the question marks and you’ll get 541.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find a ‘bird’ in the wooden ornament above the restaurant window. It is in cell 16 of the Restaurant Image, so take Evidence Card 16.

Puzzle H

The word ‘menu’ is underlined in Card 16, so let’s look for some of those. We’ll find a whole lot of them on the bar counter in the restaurant in cell 22. Take Evidence Card 22 and solve puzzle H.

There is a black-and-white string with the number 2 coming from the cherry tree on the very left of the card. We find one cherry bonsai tree in the Office Image in cell 3, and another one in the wood ornament of the Restaurant Image in cell 18. So, take Evidence Cards 3 and 18.

The original card (22) says A + B, and one of the extra cards shows a receipt with the letter A, the other one shows a receipt with the letter B. The total cost of each receipt has been covered by the faulty printer. We can assume our job is to find out how much the two receipts are together.

Let’s start with receipt A. The ones that are fully visible are no problem: The first one can be found on the top row, second from the left. Cost: 900 yen. The next one is far to the right on the middle row, also 900. The third one is second from the left on the bottom row, and its cost is 800. Naturally, the last one is a bit trickier. We see it has the same ending that 5 other dishes also have. We also see the dish name is slightly longer than the first dish on the receipt, but not almost twice as long. With this information, we can see it has to be either the one far to the right on the top row, or the one far to the left on the middle row. The cost for each of those is 1000 yen, so the cost of the last dish on the receipt is 1000 yen. When we add these four costs together, we get 3600 for A.

Then we do the same with B. We start with the clearly visible ones. The top one is the one far to the left on the top row. Cost: 900 yen. The next visible one is the one far to the left on the bottom row, and the cost of it is 1100 yen. The last one is the one far to the right on the bottom row, and the cost of it is 500 yen. Then, what about the one that is completely hidden? Well, we can see that the total sum of all these purchases adds up to something that ends with 50. The three purchases we have the price of at the moment add up to 2500. That means that this last purchase has to end in 50. Only the second dish from the right on the top line meets that condition. The cost of that one is 950. For receipt B, we get the total sum of these four purchases, which is 3450.

Solution: 3600 + 3400 = 7000 and then 50 on top of that makes 7050!

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Next, find ‘paper’ in the folder in cell 6 of the Office Image and take Evidence Card 6.

Puzzle I

Evidence Card 6 prompted you to look for a ‘picture’. You’ll find a bunch of them on the wall of the restaurant in cell 21 of the Restaurant Image. Take Evidence Card 21 and solve Puzzle I.

You can see a weird mathematical task on the very bottom of the card. If we only add together the number of sides of each shape, we have not used the pictures at all. That can’t be right… Let’s take a closer look at the pictures. You may realize four of them are marked with the same geometrical shapes that we already saw below the pictures. The marks are small but can be found in the bottom left corner of four of the pictures. So now we only need a value for each of these pictures.

You may realize you have actually seen all of those objects before: an apple, a lantern, a pen, and a pearl. You’ve seen them in earlier puzzles.

If we start with the apple, we’ll find an apple on card 22 of Puzzle H. When we look closely at the apple, we’ll see there are two lines on it. That could mean the value of the square we found on the frame of the apple picture is 2.

Next, let’s do the pearl which is associated with the triangle. Looking back on previous puzzles, we’ll find a big pearl in the claws of the dragon of Puzzle C. Looking closely at the pearl, we can spot exactly two lines on it. Therefore, the value of the triangle is 2.

Then let’s take the circle and the lantern. That one we will find in the lotus pond of Puzzle D. We’ll see that the lantern too has a set of lines on itself. This time we find three lines, so the value of the circle is 3.

Finally, we’ll do the pentagon and the pen. That one we saw in the very first puzzle where we spotted the logos around the office; Puzzle A. Looking at the pen, we will find a single line on the golden center part of it. Thus, the value for the pentagon is 1.

Solution: When we add those values together, we get 2 + 2 + 3 + 1, which equals 8.

Follow the cipher to the storybook. Find the ‘dragon’ in cell 4 of the Office Image and reveal the last card, Evidence Card 4.


You found the ‘dragon’ symbol in cell 4 of the Office Image, and took Evidence Card 4. The card instructs you to read Part 3 of the story. It’s time to make your final choice.

If you have all of your Reputation Cards, they spell out “STOP THE TRAITOR”.

Considering who could be betraying you, you land on the surprising choice: c) Shoot your partner. Take Evidence Card 19 and discover how the story ends.